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Data latency issue in BPC 10.1 Pak Version

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Currently i'm working in BPC 10.1 version .. currently we are facing Data Buffering issue,

once we update the data from analyser office and immediatly run a planning sequence but it is  not taking up the updated values .. after 1 to 2 min it is getting updated with the new values .

any suggestions,,



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Answers (2)

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Hi Rajesh,

can you please be more precise? What does 'update' from Analysis Office mean, 'save on DB' or just transfer of changed data 'Recalculate' in the ribbon?

Changing an input-ready cell and calling a planning function or planning sequence via an Excel button should first read the changed data from the query, transfer the data to the buffer and then the planning function merges the data from DB and the planning buffer and again writes the changed data to the buffer. You don't need to save data on DB to do this. Normally, Analysis Office and the planning functions run in the same user session.

So it seems that you have configured something special, do you run the a process chain (in batch) via a planning sequence?



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Hi Gregor,

Thansk for the inputs.

here is my senario:

we are having an input form where we need to punch the data into DB .. and i'm using save data option in the ribbion.

and secondly after updating the data immediatly i ran a planning sequnece in another report to see the changed values .. the values are not getting updated with the new calculated values.

after  waiting of 1 min again we ran the planning sequence it is getting updated with the new values.

this is not happening all the time ,.. some times it is getting updated quickly in the first execution it self.

Any inputs on this..



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Note 2020679?