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CVI_COCKPIT program CVI_PRECHK_BATCH reports tax code error but code is correct

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Hello, I am working in the CVI_COCKPIT for Master Data consistency. When I run the consistency check for customers in Serbia, I get an error for field KNA1-STCD3 that the value is invalid for RS. I checked with our Serbia Finance team and they confirm the numbers are correct. The numbers are all 8 characters in length. The PRECHK program must be expecting a longer or shorter number. I would like to know what the program is checking for in KNA1-STCD3 for country RS. Thank you in advance.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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For country Serbia, the only standard tax category is RS1. RS2, RS3, RS4 are custom tax categories and have been mapped to function module BUPA_TAX_NUMBER_CHECK in view V_TFKTAXNUMTYPE. Hence for these tax categories, the only checks that are made should be those derived from your customizing in transaction OY17. 

Could you please check there?


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