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Customs Export Declaration report in GTS

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This seems like a simple thing to do but I am having a hard time trying to create a report for a user to display Customs Exports Declaration by date range/Destination country.   I am looking for display data you would get from /SAPSLL/CULO_DISPLAY_CUS_EXP but with more details such as Shipment number/delivery number, CI number, item category, HTS code...etc.  The information can be found if I execute /SAPSLL/CULO_DISPLAY_CUS_EXP and drill into the items, so I assume I am able to somehow find it but I am not sure what the most efficient way of writing a report out of GTS specifically.   The users wanted a report that would give them all the information on one screen.    Any direction/assistance would be appreciated.  thank you!


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Hello Yurika,

as far as I know such a report is not existing. So you need to create it by yourself and add all data from tables /SAPSLL/CUHD*, /SAPSLL/CUIT* and /SAPSLL/LEG* by yourself.

For report /SAPSLL/CULO_DISPLAY_CUS_EXP maybe this indicator on selection screen helps your users to get some information on item category level.


For getting information about the reference documents (Sales Order, Outbound Delivery, Proforma Invoice) you could use report /SAPSLL/CORFLO_MONITOR_EXP (t-code /SAPSLL/CORFEX_DISP).




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Thank you for your reply. I think that is the conclusion I have come to as well....I do not see any other ways .