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currency conversion(category-rate_year/rate_period/rate_catergory)

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Hi friends,

Currency translation,

rate applciation

rates are maintained with c_category(ACTUAL) .

eg: 2010.JUL|AVG|GLOBAL|INR|46.213

Main applicaiton also consists of c_category dim(FCST_JAN) and in that update rate_categoryACTUAL),rate_year(2010), rate_period(JUL), FX_SOURCE_CATEGORY(ACTUAL) and loaded local currency(LC) data into main applicatioin.

Also tried with rate_categoryACTUAL),rate_year(2011), rate_period(JUL) in c_category dim of main application. still conversion not happening.

setup script logic & business rules, but still system not performing curr conversion.

could you share any ideas to solve above problem.



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Answers (1)

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Does your Account type dimension has proper Rate type?

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hi friends,

currency conversion happening now earlier std currency USD 1 is not maintained for that particular month.

I observed one situation, if same dim(c_category) is used both in rate & main application currency conversioin happening,

where as i tried c_category in rate applcation & category dim in main application at that time currency conversioin not happeninging in situatioini (i mean rate application have data in "ACTUAL" category & main applicationi data in FCST_JAN (member of category))

But c_category in rate applicaton and category dim in main application, currency conversion happening in the case where both rates data & main application data is in same version/category eg: PLAN

Can any one give me suggestion on this..

In our project requirement, 3 budgets & 12 forecasts we don't want maintain these 15 cateogries rates information in rate applciaitoni. As well rate application has c_category dim and main applicatioin is having category dim , with same properies & mmebers. Now i want to excute curr conversion, by maintaining single category in rate applicatioin and multiple categories in main applcaiton.