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CRM & GTS intergration

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Hi Experts,

I want to integrate the CRM and GTS. Please let me know how to do it? Is it possible to send the CRM documents and Partners for GTS checks like we do in R/3?

If there is some training material available please let me know.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes you can integrate CRM to GTS. Not ony CRM but GTS has got supply chain integration with other modules as well like SRM, SCM(DP,SNP,GATP,SNC etc).

If you want to integrate then you could probably use the CRM middleware to connect and also RFC's to define the logical systems and integrate with the GTS add-on.

But having said that, i would recommend you to typically replicate the documents and business partners from CRM to ECC and once it is done GTS kicks in. This would save some custom enhancements if time is the factor.

Also please have a look at the link below if you need more information about what role GTS plays with respect to CRM and its integration:



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