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Create new report/period in SAP Disclosure Management (manually or using roll foward)

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I have to build a report (datacache/word) for the Group and 50 other companies in the group. The structures of both are very similar (datacache/word), apart from some notes and the data that the datacache must present from each one.
I thought of two alternatives:
1- create the main one (group - datacache/word) and then copy both to new ones (datacache/word) that would use each company (unit), which would help with the profile, but I would have to manually replace each datalink in the word chapter (200 tables each one 50 company) because they would have a link to a different datacache.
2- use the roll forward function and create a specific period for each company (2024_EMP100, 2024_EMP200, etc.), so there would be no need to replace all the datalinks in the word chapters, as the roll forward would do this.
Please, what would be the most appropriate/recommended thing to do, or would I have another option?



SAP Disclosure Management @Olga_Vasileva @Marc_Kuipers  

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @Felipe_Barbosa , 
Depending who you want entity reports to be shown - as Period objects or as Report objects - would define how you should proceed. Access can be managed in both cases, and I've seen customers using either.

A couple of important notes for you:
1) you can do mass update of datalink source in a single report using "Change datalink" feature in Content Refresh on report level - change one datalink manually, and then do a mass change for the rest.
2) you can simplify report copying by appointing the first report as Template and creating reports from template per business units created:

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Hi @Olga_Vasileva 

Thanks for your aswear.

I have doubts about your comments. I have these reports (Datacache and word), and I going to replicate this for 50 company.

One solution, is use roll forward and change the period name, using composed period (period+company code), ex. 2023-100, Q1 2023-100, 2023-200, Q1 2023-200, because the key is period+report. With this, the name of report (word/datacache) is always the same.

1 - About your first suggestion. Today I have:





I have in word several chapter that has tables (datacache) with datalinks/briefingbooks, each one with a key compose period+datacache+table in a Datasource.


When a use Change datalink, it was change Datasource and period, but not the name of datacache (report “Datos Fuente Recelacion…”), correct?


And for me, I need create in this case word and Excel (datacache) with a diffent names (50 companies), because is not possibly create with a same name of period/report. So, if I copy word and datacache archive for another company in the same period, I need change name of report (Word/Datacache) or name of period, because they is a key.


2 - About your second suggestion:

How do I enable one report to become a template for another? When I try to create a new one as a template, there is no report to use as a template. In the report that would be the template, the option is disabled.


And when I try to create it as a template, no option appears.


Or I have a first option that I explain in the begin of this post:

  • create the main one (group - datacache/word) and then copy both to new ones (datacache/word) that would use each company (unit), which would help with the profile, but I would have to manually replace each datalink in the word chapter (200 tables each one 50 company) because they would have a link to a different datacache.

I appreciate your comments.


Felipe B.

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Would it be an option to put Word and Excel in one report ? Because than you can use the template option together with entities.

Than the other problem will be solved automatically.

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Hi @guido_nachtigall 

I think explain wrong, this is a word (report with table datalinks) and an excel datacache, not a report in excel.



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Hi Felipe,Let’s schedule a meeting. My calendar is open.
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Hi @guido_nachtigall,

Thank you for your time. Send me an email and we'll set up a meeting.


Felipe B.

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Hi @guido_nachtigall,

Thank you a lot for you time and help at call. I tested the both options and both works well.

1 - Use roll foward and in new period put "concatenate period+company code".

2 - Create two report (datacache and word) in same one and use create report from template (manage report options).

Below I details the second one: Create two report

1- Create report types:








2- Create a report and check with template:


3- Assigned entity to “Group”, and check field “Template for Entities”:


4- Create two chapter (type without content) Datacache and Word:


5- Below chapter Datacache, I created one chapter type standard (Tabela 1) Microsoft Excel with available as datasource (here it had behavior of datacache, correct?):


6- Below chapter Word, I created one chapter type standard (Capitulo 1) Microsoft Word.


7- Create a table inside chapter “Tabela 1“ (datacache behavior).


8- And create a table datalink in word chapter “Capitulo 1” with chapter “Tabela 1” (datacache).


9- I create a new report in "manage reports" using “New from template”, select period and report base and what entity I would like to copy.


10- New report creates:


11- The news reports has the same structure and the name in datalink is correct (Q1 2022/All100/Tabela1):