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Create new report/period in SAP Disclosure Management (manually or using roll foward)

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I have to build a report (datacache/word) for the Group and 50 other companies in the group. The structures of both are very similar (datacache/word), apart from some notes and the data that the datacache must present from each one.
I thought of two alternatives:
1- create the main one (group - datacache/word) and then copy both to new ones (datacache/word) that would use each company (unit), which would help with the profile, but I would have to manually replace each datalink in the word chapter (200 tables each one 50 company) because they would have a link to a different datacache.
2- use the roll forward function and create a specific period for each company (2024_EMP100, 2024_EMP200, etc.), so there would be no need to replace all the datalinks in the word chapters, as the roll forward would do this.
Please, what would be the most appropriate/recommended thing to do, or would I have another option?



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Hi Felipa,

I would choose the second option.

Afterwards, you can change the period of each copied period to the original one.



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Hi Guido,

Thanks for your answer.

But once I copy to a new period, I must always keep it that way, because as I must have the same report name (consolidated/companies changing only the period), I could not create a company report (period ex. 2024_EMP100) in a period 2024, because this 2024 would be the consolidated period (word and datacache will have the same name in all). I understand that this is the only way I can use roll forward. Otherwise, I would have to create all reports (word/datacache) with different names to be able to use them in the same periods (2024, 2024Q1, 2024Q2, ...).

I would really appreciate anyone who could give me more options on how these scenarios are configured on clients.


Felipe B.