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CPQ-VCP Price condition mapping -after manual changes

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In the context of restful pricing in Quote2.0, I have mapped only condition type PR00 with the one-time list price and trying to see it getting updated in the corresponding quote column. 


Despite receiving a response from CPS (possibly Configure, Price, Quote Service), the mapping process fails to trigger, and as a result, the price field condition in the quote item column list price does not get updated when a product is added to the quote for the first time.


But when I manually update the editable fields like "Discount percent" or "Discount Amount" or "net price", the mapping process gets triggered and updates the unit list price as you can see below. 



Is it the standard behavior or am I missing any setting to get it triggered at the first instance while adding the product? can you please explain and provide a solution. 





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Product and Topic Expert
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@elenchelvan this does sound you have not set calculations on add/copy/delete but you did set those on editing discount. Please make sure this part is covered: