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Copying comments from one forecast category to the next. BPC 10 MS

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I used the standard copy package in BPC 10, EPM 12.2 to copy data from one forecast category/version to another. (Forecast Version 1 ---> Forecast Final)  Should the comments follow, or do I need to run another package, etc?  If I do need a special process to accomplish this, what is the high level best practice for this task?


Jason Cobb

BPC 10.0 MS

Version 8, EPM 12.2

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jason,

the standard package "copy" copy only the data, i.e. the facttable records, the comments are in a different table "comment<Application>", so you need to copy it building a SQL queries and if you want launch this query through a custom package.

There is an Enhancement request, see please, but is still active.

Kind regards


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Hi Roberto,

Thanks for the response.  Just one quick follow-up question.  Is this still the case with the newer versions of the EPM add-in?  We are running BPC 10.0 with EPM 12.2.  I noticed the linked enhancement request is tagged with BPC 7.5 vs. 10.0.

FYI my way around this is simply building a report that retrieves all comments from the source category and then sending them to the destination category via an input schedule.

Thanks for your help.



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