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Consolidation - Incorrect YTD Currency Translated value for Periodic Model

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Hi Experts,

We have a Consolidation Model with Periodic Data Type.

While there are no issues with LC calculations, we are encountering issues with YTD issues post currency conversion for P&L accounts.

Post Currency conversion, owing to differences in FX AVG rates, even if the Periodic values have been nullified to 0, the YTD currency converted value continues to have a residual amount. The Currency conversion business rule is AVG for P&L accounts.

Please check the screenshot attached to see how the YTD value continues to have a minimal residual balance pertaining to FX even after the balance has become 0. What would be the solution for this? Naturally, this wouldn't be a problem if the Model was YTD, but is this how the system would always function for Periodic models? This makes reporting in YTD very difficult.

Any suggestions would be welcome!


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Sorry but not clear, please provide all details about your fx setup including rule screenshot.

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Hi Rajesh,

Due to differing exchange rates for different months you won't be able to get back to 0.

I'm still not sure why you think it makes reporting in YTD very difficult?

The PL accounts aggregate for each month as you've seen.

Maybe a screen shot of your report expected results / actual results would help.