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Cell Definition within a column to show nil

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Hello All

I have a report with two columns representing actual and budget for time member '2009.TOTAL'.

In the rows, i have specific ten selected accounts 'P_ACCTS'. In the actual column, i wish to exclude two of the ten accounts from retrieving data, IE only the remaining eight should retrive data. All ten rows will be used to send budget data (which i will use EVSND functionality)

I am looking for solutions to exclude the retrival of data from these two cell intersections. My options currently :

1/ Manage the exception cells by including an EVGET that returns '0' - i will save '0' to a data region that is effectively never used to provide this. This will overwrite the column (Actual 2009.TOTAL) and row P_ACCT account intersection retrieval.

2/ Excliude the column from the 'colkeyrange' and for the eight of the ten cells, define an EVGET to retrieve actual data.

Any recommendations to these or other solutions much appreciated,


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Hi Glen,

Have you tried putting an Excel formula "=0" in the two cells where you don't want to display retrieved ACTUAL data? I think this should work for you. Since you talk about using EVGET, I'm assuming that you don't have any expansions, which would result in your formulas being overwritten.

This behavior is documented but the documentation is very hard to find. It is available here: []

One note that may also be of interest to you: You may want to consider making the EVDRE send data back and then making the ACTUAL column a GetOnlyRange (defined in the Key Range Parameters - see [here|]). This is an alternative to using an EVSND function for each row in your BUDGET column. In your case, I'm not sure of your exact requirements, and it probably doesn't make much of a difference from a performance perspective for only 10 rows, but you should know that it's an option.



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You can do this easily using 2 EVDRE in the report If the Row values are hardcoded.



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Thanks for quick replay Raman

The two cells within the column are situated inbetween other rows, IE one on row 3 and the other on row 7.

If i use two EVDRE's, would this not cause a clash in the 'rowkeyrange' of the first EVDRE?

I can understand your solution if these two exception rows were situated in the beginning or at the end of the 'rowkeyrange'.

Thanks again - your help much appreciated

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It will surely create a clash so keep the P_Acct which is not to be included in the bottom so that you can make changes accordingly.

But if you have to include the account in between then create two column with the P_Acct members and define the rowkey Range accordingly in both EVDRE. In the evdre where you dont want to include the P-ACCT that you can leave blank.


A1 A1


A3 A3

Hope it helps