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Can we install PaPM on-premise edition as an add-on on S/4 HANA Private Cloud?

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Hello PaPM Experts,

I had a query, can we install the papm (on-premise) edition as an add-on on top of S/4 HANA Private Cloud? One of our clients has S/4 HANA private cloud edition and wants to use the PaPM on-premise add-on.

As far as I know, PaPM on-premise can be installed on S/4 HANA, FPSL, FSDP, BW on HANA, BW/4 HANA but all the systems need to be on-premise systems and not hosted privately.

If PaPM (on-premise) edition cannot be installed on top of S/4 HANA private cloud and the client is not inclined for a PaPM Cloud edition, then what is the best proposed architecture for such requirement?



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Hi Amogh,

From the installation perspective it should be possible to install OP addon on the private cloud edition. However, licensing could be something that you need to check.

I would recommend you to get in touch with the SAP account executive and they should be able to answer this better.