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Can Journals be entered for currency other than Local Currency?

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My client would like to create a journal to reverse an FX Translation for the current month so that the translation reflects the exchange rate for the previous month. They do not want the local currency value affected, it is only for a specific entity and it is also only for Management Accounts (we have two structures in DATASRC Management and Statutory) which only have one shared member INPUT.

Any suggestions?

One solution would be to run a script that changes the Translated currencies only, but I was hoping that perhaps pure Journals could resolve this.

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In version 7 sp3, it is possible to send a Journal to a Reporting Currency other than LC, but it may require a few changes. The ability to allow RPTCURRENCY to show more than LC, requires turning off the FXTRANS script logic or your currency business rules and then processing RPTCURRENCY. I was wrong regarding the removal of "Y" from the Reporting property. Once you disable the currency conversion and process the dimension, you should be able to see the additional currencies in the Journal Template. When complete, you would then need to reprocess RPTCURRENCY with FX turned on again (in all apps) to turn the currency back to LC. I don't think you will need to edit the Journal Template at all, but unsure how the entry will be viewed after posting and turning back on the FX calculations.

That is what I have tested and see as a result, so move at your own risk. It should work for the earlier verisons of BPC as well if you are not on 7.

Hope this helps.

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As I know,

Journal also uses same sending engine of BPC for posting data to server so it only supports LC.

If it is only one entity then you can change that entity's LC to the foreign currency that you want to input.