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Bulkloader Loading Performance

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Hi Experts,

We noticed that in the processing folders of the bulkloader (e.g. /workingdirectory/SAPCC_CIT/PREPAID/Instance#1/CC1) the processing seems to be slow:

1. The number of files are already increasing on this directory (reaching 800+) which normally only averages about 200 files.

2. When we re-process files from INVALID folders, it's not getting processed immediately. Takes hours for example where the file is still in .arc.csv. It gets processed after so we know that the original issue while it failed was already corrected.

Question: For these type of cases, can these be monitored for example in an application like introscope? And is the solution here restarting the bulkloader?



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Hello Steve,

If the thread is waiting from SAP CI, it means that SAP CI didn't provide any answer and the slowness or the lock has to be investigated on SAP CI side.

Please check this topic with the support team of SAP CI.

Best regards,


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Thanks Eric,

Yes, we have been working with CI on this but there are several background processes and programs running and we are trying to figure out if there's a way in CC to identify what exactly it is waiting for? maybe a program or table lock in CI?

This is an example of the log, maybe there's any information here we can use to check in CI? (note omitted some info here)