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BRIM-The subscriber account "00000*****" (with "BRIM" as service provider) is not valid.

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Hi Team,

When we create the BP from SOM and trying to replicate via Sub-Contract but it failed in ODI due to below error. Kindly provide the details to solve the below.

Error Message from SAP CC:

The subscriber account "00000*****" (with "BRIM" as service provider) is not valid.



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Hi Rahul,

can you please provide some more information. There can be a lot of issues that could cause such an issue. Here are a few points that you can already check:

  • Does the subscriber account in general exists in CC and only distribution of the contract has an error?
  • Can you see in tx FKKCC_PC_MON an error for subscriber distribution?
  • Does your logical port in tx SOAMANAGER use the same user to connect to CC for subscriber account service and contract service?
  • Does the error occur maybe in a test system which you have created by a client copy, so that some client dependent entries for BP are copied, but corresponding subscriber account does not exist in CC?
  • ...

Best regards,

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