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BRF+ Initiator Rule based on Role- Business process combination

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Hi All,

Am trying to create an initiator Rule where in if there is at least one role in the access request which belongs to Business Process MM/PP/PM/QM then the entire access request should go to Critical Path else the request can go to normal Path.

I tried achieving this on the same lines as below doc but used Business Process as condition instead of Critical Value in the Table operation Expression.

However, when am trying to simulate the function or the Table Op Expression using Rolename as input it is throwing "False". It is working fine if I directly input the business process name. Ideally, the rule should automatically consider the business process based on the rolename which is not happening in my case

Could anyone provide the correct solution for this scenario?



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Can you share details of the initiator rule which you have created?

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Hi Anil,

Have you checked the following blog post?


Madhu Sai