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BPS10MS Logon form - Authentication

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Due to internal security policy we would like SAP BPC to prompt any user to fill authentication form with user and password.

In BPC 10 MS we noticed that a "silent" logon is taking place: as a consequence the logon prompt is not appearing, as in BPC 75 MS.

In fact:

1. when Windows user one of those listed in BPC security no prompt is appearing

2. when the Windows user is NOT one of those included in BPC security, a prompt is appearing

So questions are:

a. is it possible to force an explicit form based authentication, without any implicit sign-on?

b. which parameters must be setted?

We found no suitable documentation about

Thanks in advance for cooperation


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We had a response from SAP:

It seems to be a by design behavior in BPC 10.0 compared to BPC 7.5.

I see that many customers are reporting this issue, I believe it may

be good to create an enhancement request in the idea place , it can be

corrected in next releases.

So we decided to promote a new idea in SAP Idea Place: if you think it could be usefull, pelase add your vote!