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BPF_Customized email Templates_Embedded BPC

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Hi Experts,

SAP provides email templates in BPF corresponding to the different actions in BPF (we can use these templates as is and SAP allowed an option to configure 1 more email template for each of the actions (“Customization email template”). However this only allows 1 customized email template for each action, not many different customized email templates for each action. For example, it is not possible to have a customized email template for “Approve” action for the Forecasting process and another customized email for “Approve” action for the Budgeting process.

SAP provided 2 BADIs to allow having more customized email templates but the BADIs only allow this capability for some actions . Again those BADI's are not available in Embedded Model and only available in Standard Model.


Can somebody elaborate how to create multiple customized e-mail templates for the same e-mail template ID? e.g Approve.

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Incorrect primary tag......should be SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver. Please correct it

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Hi Priyanka,

As per the requirement; we need to have different text for Budget and Forecast process approval mail. With same e-mail template only variables will change, however the e-mail text would remain same.