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BPC11.1(Std version: Email notification based on BPF status change

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Hi Friends,

Requirement: BPC require to send mails to users when BPF status changed (started/completed/finalized).

Mails are delivered based on scheduled job(triggers every 10mins or 1min) which was setup manually in SCOT transaction code. My question is related to Job that is scheduled in SCOT.

First scheduled job with 10mins occurrence/period, so every 10mins job delivers mails to users. It means, at 10 am first job delivered mails. If I changed BPF status to completed at 10.02 am then users receiving mail at 10.10 am.

Then deleted job, created and scheduled new job with 1 min period, then job execute after every 1min.Here also mails not delivered immediately and some seconds gap is exist.

How to enable to receive mails immediately upon users change in status of BPF instance/activity without time lag?



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