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BPC Starterkit IFRS SP06

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Hi BPC experts,

I have a question regarding the BPC starterkit SP06. We have recently installed this starterkit in BPC but it seems like some settings are missing. For instance, there is no Proportional Method in the business rules or in method and the Flow F70 - Internal Merger does not exist. Is that normal ?

Well, maybe the solution is simple : we are using BPC 10.1 SP03. Since our current version is older, is it possible that some parts of the starterkit is not installed because of that ?

Thank you in advance,


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Actually, after having a look at the appendixes provided for this starterkit, I saw there is no flow dedicated for F70 - Internal Merger although it existed in previous version.

Is there a new way to handle internal mergers ?

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Hi Dat,

The IFRS content is now delivered as a Rapid Deployment Solution package that you can find in the SAP Support Portal (under letter R: SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions / SAP Financial Close and Disclosure Management). You will find the latest version here, with new features (S4HANA integration, Intercompany elimination with tracking of the transaction currency mismatch, elimination of internal profit in inventory...)

Coming back to your points: Proportional consolidation is not anymore in this content since it is not relevant anymore for IFRS. Mergers are also not included in the scope, so this needs to be set up during the customer project.

Best regards,


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Hi Grégoire,

Thank you for your answer. It's exactly what I wanted to know.

Last 2 questions about the starterkit :


Is it normal that the methods with the description "Equity" has the Method type "G - Full" instead of "E - Equity" ?


In the documentation, there is a list of business rules. However, I don't see 3 business rules related to Equity Method : EM_INV, EM_INV_DIVIDENDS and EM_INV_NETINCOME. Do you have these business rules in the starterkit ?

Thank you in advance.

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Yes, this is normal!

Because in the RDS content we use the "integration mode" (option activated in the model), so we have integration rules to copy values to the groups for FULL and HOLDING but not for EQUITY entities.

Therefore we do not need a specific adjustement to reverse the amounts for EQUITY entities, like we would have when "integration mode" is not used. As a consequence the method type is not relevant (only the method type holding is important for the ownership calculation).

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Thank you once again !

I added a second question about business rules in my previous post, do they even exist ?

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These rules are for the USGAAP content. They should not be in any version of IFRS content. May be this is an error in the document.