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BPC Script Logic: Lookup LImitation

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Good Morning,

I have been working with a client on BPC 7.0 NW SP4 where we are trying to build out advanced logic. I have run into a limitation where only one *LOOKUP command is allowed per cube (Error Message: Invalid Lookup Structure: Multi Lookup on same Cube not allowed). I was not able to work around this limitation by creating multiple .LGF logic files and referencing these files with *INCLUDE statements.

Is there a known work around for this? Is there newer functionality that was intended to replace this?

Do you know if this is an issue that will be changed in the future?

Thank you for your input.

Jon Pause

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There is functionality that replaces this, allowing you to define multiple lookup keys within a single lookup statement. Please take a look at the example at the end of this thread ([😉 and at the SP02 documentation addendum ([]).



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That is Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!


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Very useful. Thank you Ethan!

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