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BPC RTC 10.1 Embedded, on S/4HANA, Model is not Validating

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Hi Experts!
I am using BPC RTC 10.1 on S/4HANA 1610.

I would greatly appreciate if you can help with my last step of the following blog:

BPC Real-Time Consolidation (RTC) Initial setup:

I am implementing BPC RTC Embedded 10.1 consolidation. I followed all the steps from the blog and it works till I got to step 9 of the Advanced Settings. All my models mappings are working (have green check marks).

In the article, Advanced Settings section, Step 9 – Create the BPC Consolidation Model (4th diagram) shows blank, which is where I am unable to select (i.e., greyed out) for the following two Compounding members:


Also, I am unable to select under ‘Non-Interco member in Ownership’:

However, in your Step 9 – Create the BPC Consolidation Model (5th diagram) shows values have been updated.

However, in my case, system will not allow me to update the two compounding members.

Any suggestion for a solution?

Your prompt help will be greatly appreciated.

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