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BPC: *PUT instruction generate multiple rows

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I've hust found a strange behaviour with this instruction:



with an existing value of 1, instead of generating a single -1 row to obtain a total of 0, it generates 59 identical row of -1 and the total is -58

59 is not significant for me, not the total number of the entities nor the number of entities involved in the use of the account CTL_FLAG....

Moreover the logic has not been modified for 2/3 years and it was working fine. I had no opportunity to check system/software configuration for changes...

Any idea on what to check???


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Answers (2)

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Hy, sorry for not writing before.

Finally we found the origgin of the problem!!!

It's a bug fixed in the release 7.

The problem was due to WORK STATUS, it was not able to manage writing on multiple data source.

Instead of writing only on input data source it generated a row for all elements in DATASRCL dimension, but it was not evident because the put instruction forced the destination on input data source.



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After you execute this logic, what is the result value in your report?

Was it 0 or -58?

If it wa 0(Zero), there might be some records in your fact,fac2 and WB table that's why logic created some records. It means loigc worked fine.

Please let me know.

Thank you.

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hy and thank you for your answer.

Sadly the report result is -58; this was the reason for which I began to check the account values....

More in detail:

After a full optimize of the application with compress the value was -58

I clear the value, set it to 1 with an input schedule and execute the logic with the *PUT(EXPRESSION=0,....

The result was 1 row with value 1 and 59 -1 values rows in factwb.

No rows in fac2 nor in fact


1) the problem is manifest only on 2 accounts:

on ctl_flag is deterministic while on the other is random and there are no difference between the working right accounts and these 2 in the dimension xls (sons of the same parent, same properties, no formulas: only difference id and description),

2) the generation of multiple rows appens also on other accounts with a 'little' difference: starting with a 1 row with value 1 after the *PUT(EXPRESSION=0,.... we obtain 60 rows 59 with -1 and 1 with 58 so the result is 0.....

Checking an old copy of the 3 fact it seems that the generation of multiple rows (with correct final values) began in the last 18 months, but I can't chek which version were installed at which time.

To let the customer work I temporarily disabled the *PUT(EXPRESSION=0,.... and *PUT(EXPRESSION=1,.... on CTL_FLAG in the logics and prepared a package they can run to set the total value of the other account to 0 when it appens that the *PUT generates 'impossible' values, but they are not happy at all....

Many thanks for any suggestion

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Could you reproduce it in Apshell?

If you can, please report it to SAP. It may be a bug

Good luck to you.