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BPC NW hardware sizing guidelines and architecture

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Hi Everyone,

I have seen 2 or 3 posts on the topic, including a guideline document, however I was not able to access it, so I ask:

1. are there guidelines regarding hardware sizing of a BPC NW environment?

With the SAP quicksizer tool, one can do a BW sizing, but how does this compare to a BPC NW system?

2. is it possible to combine a development and quality assurance system in the same physical hardware?

Is this valid for the Netwaver BI part and is this valid for the IIS web server?

Do we have to have a IIS server for each Netweaver BI system?

I Appreciate your inputs.

thanks and best regards,


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Luis,

you can find the current sizing guidelines here:

as far as combining on same hardware, that should be possible on the BW side as you can have 2 instances of NW on the same physical server. But it is not possible for the IIS server. It does need separate servers (but you could consider running the IIS .Net servers in 2 Virtual Machines on one physical server, as long as it's not for production usage).

the only time you can use one IIS server for several BPC BW servers is when using logon groups, so probably not applicable to your needs in this particular case

I hope this helps


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Answers (1)

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>1. are there guidelines regarding hardware sizing of a BPC NW environment?

Generally, you can find information about sizing there -

In Sizing Guidelines ->Solutions & Platform, there're some documents about sizing SAP BPC