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BPC NW: Field symbol not assigned in BADi as Endroutine

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HI Experts,

I have a problem when working with BADis as Endroutines in a TransformationFile.

Guided by the "How To... Use Start and End Routine" I followed the different steps and for the Start Routine everything works fine. My problem is when trying to call the TransformationFile with the Endroutine I get a GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED dump telling me that: Field symbol has not yet been assigned.

I'm using quite the same code as given in the How To. I introduced some checks, but I did not get any positive results. Can anybody help, please? The How To is made for master data, I assume the error comes from this side, but I can't assure it.

The code in the Badi is:


type any.

data: lt_columns type table of string.

data: lt_column_data type table of string.

data: lt_message type uj0_t_message.

data: lt_error_reason type uj0_t_message,

lv_tabix like sy-tabix.


lo_dataref type ref to data,

lv_cuenta_asig type zmap_cuentas-cuenta_asignado.

  • Assign importing data reference to field symbol

assign ir_data->* to IS ASSIGNED.

  • Create work area for importing data

create data lo_dataref like line of .

  • Create new internal table for exporting data

check .

  • Get CUENTA value from custom table or other datasource

loop at .


The error occurs when assigning the first pointer.

By the way, I'm working on BPC 7.5 SP07 for NW.

Hope someone can help. Thanks very much in advance,


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Hi Alex,

You can get this message for different scenarios. First check whether ir_data has any data in debugging mode.

If it has entries then Validate the transformation file by providing infoobject and selections. Error message here will provide you better information about the actual cause.


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Hi Kaylan,

thank you very much for your quick answer.

Sorry, I think I haven't made quite clear my point.

I want to use the Endroutine BADi in a Transformation File for Transaction Data, therefor there is no InfoObject directly involved. I use the Transformation File in the Package "Import Transaction Data". The How To I mentioned, and the only one I found that is more or less near to my problem describes how to use Endroutines and BADis for the Import of Master Data.

Looking at the different tests I have done, as our system team is not giving us a debug user, the dump happens at the assignment of the first field symbol: assign ir_data->* to . Therefor I assume that ir_data contains no data and this causes the dump.

My main question is, can I use the code of the mentioned How To for the package "Import Transaction Data" at all? Or do I have to use different tables or table names for this package? How and where do I get them?

You have an idea? Would be very helpful! Thanks in advance!



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Hi Alex,

This BADI works for Transaction data too. IR_DATA is the table holding your data.


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Hi Kalyan,

thanks for the answer.

That would mean that the code is correct, but no data is written in the IR_DATA table and that something wired is happening with the main part of the transformation, wouldn't it?

When I start the transformation without the endroutine, data is delivered, that is why I assume that there should be data in the IR_DATA table. Is there a way to check without a debug user? What can I change with the code to make the field symbols work?

Thanks for your great help.



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Were you able to solve this issue. We have the same issue. In fact it was working for few days and suddenly started giving dumps with ir_data initial issue.