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BPC NW 7.0 Maximum property length

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Hi all!

I need to use property OWNER for an Entity dimension for work statuses use.

I need to know the maximum length for this property.

As I can see while processing dimension elements it's 255 symbols long. If I make it longer then I see "########" in this field.

However, while processing properties of the dimension I can set length of the owner property more then 255. I set "2000" and processed successfully.

I see contradiction here and can't understand what the maximum property length is.

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When you are looking into admin console actually you are looking into excel and is the way how the Excel is showing strings when you don't format the cells.

So you can format the cell or you can click into cell and into edit field you will be able to see the real value.

So it is no contradiction it is just the way how excel is displaying strings bigger than 255 chars.


Sorin Radulescu

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Thank you, Sorin.

I set general format for the cell and the problem was solved!