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BPC-NW 10.1: Load description of hierarchy text nodes from InfoObject issue

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Hi all,

during the implementation of our BPC model we came through this issue. We are working on BPC-NW 10.1 on HANA DB (EPM Add-in SP29).

We needed to upload Master Data and Texts of the hierarchical nodes of an Account dimension in our BPC environment. This hierarchy is stored and extracted from the underlying BW system; and texts are available to be imported for the two requested languages (i.e. Italian and English).

At first, we developed a single BPC package to import MD from the BW infoobject and inside the Set Selection we added the hierarchy (along with the Import Text Node set as Yes) and selected both the two languages as follows:

By doing so, we realised that the we managed to import ONLY the nodes texts in English and not it Italian. Also, this single package was able to delete any already present node text description in Italian. This issue happens only on the hierarchy text nodes while the descriptions both in english and italian are loaded fine for the base elements accounts.

After many tries, we managed to solve the problem by creating two different packages: one for each language. In this way the import was successful and all the node texts imported correctly.

Have anyone experienced this situation before?

Is there a way to import these texts through a single package or does this represent a system bug?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Please read and implement this note:

Or upgrade to BPC 810 SP12

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Thanks Vadim.

We tested the note and it worked!

Best regards,