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BPC log files very large

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Hi All,

our BPC log files are very large compared to the data files. our

we have separate disks for data and log files:

DATA D:\ = 550GB total

LOG E:\ = 278GB total

D:\ICTSI_BPC.mdf = 5.6GB

E:\ICTSI_BPC_log.ldf = 185GB

is this correct? i have read that Log file should roughly be 25% of the

size of the total amount of data. Example: a 4GB database should have a

1GB log file. How can we adjust the size of the SQL log file?

we are using a multiserver set up, SAP BPC 7 SP04 (32bit)

MS SQL 2008 Server (64 bit)

thanks in advance!

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Usually the ldf file must be comparable with mdf file.

It can arrive to twice of mdf file.

If it becomes bigger than that's means the maintenance plan for your database is not correct.

Or you keep the database into full mode and you are not doing backup every day and backup of transaction log every x hours.

Or you keep the datbase in simple and you don't shrink time to time the log file.

So my suggestion will be to review the maintenance plan of database.

In this way the transaction log will be always comparable with mdf file.


Sorin Radulescu

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Hi Jeb,

Do you already backup the database from the SQL Server ? Because in my server there is once when the log file is bigger then my database and that's because the backup schedule is not working.

So what i do is , do the backup manual from the sql server and the log file will shrink automatic.

After that , i create the automatic backup schedule again.

Hope this information helps.


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i tried to create a manual full back up of the database. And i also created a transaction log backup. but still our log file ICTSI_BPC_log.ldf is still very large. How do i reduce the size of this?


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You can try running this in the database.

dbcc shrinkfile (Appset_Log, 1);

This will shrink the log file.

Hope this helps

Karthik AJ