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BPC Embedded - Analysis Office File upload - Limitation?

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Hi all,

I've found some limitation with Analsis Office File upload (0RSPL_FILE_UPLOAD_AO) where I wanted to upload a CSV file (column store) instead of month in rows. Please find attached planning function planning-function-column-store.jpg and CSV file cc-column-store-flat-file.jpg screenshots - in this example I am trying to upload three months, after executing planning sequence it is picking up last month only which is Fiscper 3 data ignoring Fiscper 1 and 2 planning-sequence-output.jpg.

Any other way this can be achieved ?



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Hi Sai,

you have to adjust the file column to InfoObject mapping in such a way that you have only one column for 0FISCPER; the file has to include the 0FISCPER values all in one column, i.e. your file has to contain 6 rows instead of 2 rows.