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BPC/CUA integration solution

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We have installed BPC 10.0 for NW SP08 and activated EnvironmentShell. We've also done all the post-install tasks as per install guide.

Now we want to configure users and assign them needed authorizations (Task Profiles). However when we want to save the changes there's System exception: "Changes not allowed in this system (central user administration active)".

The back-end BW system is a child system of CUA.

We have revised similar posts and we've open OSS and the aswer from sap is not easy at all !


as you can see in the provided SAP note that this is NOT a BPC/CUA
integration solution, but only intend to make BPC and CUA coexist as
much as possible without interfering with each other.
The SAP note was released to customer on 26 of September so this is
the current resolution for all CUA problems and customers who want to
enable CUA should take in mind this restriction.



Sap note define a procedure to update role/profiles but is awfull ...

Note 1757825 - BPC security supporting CUA

Do you have an easyiest way to configure BPC (set up users, create new Environment, etc.) via Web Admin console without excluding the BW system from CUA?


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Hello Sargan....we had the same problem. Apparently the BPC product was independent and it cannot be exactly integrated with SAP so not sure if they will come out with any integrated solution.

But the Note - 1757825 is what we used in an active CUA system and assigned the roles depening on the  UJ* tables in the note and its working pretty OK for us...but there are two major issues with it which I think SAP still needs to fix:

1) Once you add a new user to BPC per Note 1757825 and try to logon to the Web Client with that user it throws an error "cannot get user info for environment "XXXX" from security Model if CUA active.

** If CUA deactivated and you try it works..Then if you re-activate the user access works fine.

** Obviously doing this every time you add a new user to BPC is a pain.

2) Also the Users are not visible from the web client if CUA active with error "Users Couldnot be retrieved" cause of it, thats is weird right, how would we know how many users have access to BPC , at least it should show a view of users and if you try to add the user it should fail as CUa active and we have to follow the note 1757825 to add access.

Did you face the same issue and anyway you were able to get by these two issues.

I am following up with SAP , will let you know if I hear back.



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Hi Kalinga,

did you hear back from SAP about when adding new users while CUA is active so all users can connect to the web client and also see the list of users from the web client.

Please let me know

Thank You!