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BPC Consolidation Data Load issue

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I have loaded Data in BI for BPC Consolidation. 0BALANCE field contains cumulative data. However for Balance sheet Accounts all the balance is getting loaded to flow F99 in BPC which is closing balance. Previous period balances are carried forward in this period at Opening balances to Flow F00. Any other Assets Transactions like Acquisition Retirement etc., are getting loaded in BPC with respective Flows like F25, F35 etc.

My Flow Dimension has all the flows in the hierarchy END of period Movements but F99 is out of the hierarchy.

Consider Account XXXXX which has opening Balance of 13588.51 CAD Flow F00

Closing Balance as                                                               3099.57 CAD Flow F99

However I am checking Balance sheet at the Flow END of period Movements and thus Closing balance is out of the hierarchy. Thus my question is how to load movements for that account as 3099.57 as Credit and 13588.51 as debit so that when I will check balance sheet at End of period movements it will match.

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Hi Ganadhish,

Your question is not clear to me......But are you asking that opening and closing should match before you do carry forward? And how is that you will load some as Credit and some amount as Debit in BPC??? BPC is account based model.



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Hi JP,

Our BI Consultant had created one Key figure to have difference of Cumulative debit- Cumulative credit and we are loading values of that field as a net variation.