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BPC Admin Client - Maintain Dimensions stopped working for newest Windows/Office version

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Hello Everyone,

We have been testing BPC 10.1 for Microsoft and things were going well until our company introduced a new Windows/Office image for new laptops.

Our existing laptops still work fine, but this new image causes a problem in BPC admin client.

Our single new problem we see is with the BPC Admin client not being able to open excel in-place when you perform a Maintain Dimension members.

Its definitely the image difference but in terms of versions of office the only difference seems to be the Click To Run Office versus an MSI install of office.

Has anyone heard of any registry or other changes we have to make when using the CLICK to Run version of office 2016 versus MSI version?

I have tried all usual fixes like exporting all dimensions and changing environment variables and such but no fix yet. I also see that the Excel process is running in the background but excel is never invoked on the BPC admin screen, it just spins and spins.

I dont see any messages in tbllogs or other logs.

Will create an SAP ticket but wondered if anyone heard of an issue with Click to Run.

Thanks !


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Answers (2)

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We found the fix for this issue - Windows Display scaling has to be set to 100%, we were at 150%.

When we started using a new image, it seems the default setting in the windows display was set to 150%, when we change that setting back to 100%, the Maintain Dimension worked. We tried several other settings but only 100% seemed to work.

So, From your Windows main screen, Do Right-CLICK> Display Settings > "Change the size of text, apps and other items"> Move Slider to set to 100%. For our setups, we then compensated for this re-sizing, by then adjusting the Resolution through the Advanced Settings at the bottom of the same page. We used 1600 X 900 for best viewing on our laptops.

SAP created a note on this describing the fix. Note # 2605576.

Mike Arbour

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Check that the version of BPC installed supports the installed Office version. Make sure that the BPC version and SP level on the application server and admin console match. Often times the server is upgraded but the admin console is not.

Office 365 2013 is supported starting at BPC 10.0 SP 18 and 10.1 SP02
Office 365 2016 is supported starting at BPC 10.0 SP 23 and 10.1 SP07

Best regards,