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BPC 7.5 NW Multi-Year budget

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Hello Experts,

I am working in BPC 7.5 NW, and I have requirement of a creating an input schedule for a 5 year budget. The input schedule columns should contain the months for the first year (in this case 2013), but only yearly totals for years 2-5, to improve performance, with capability to drill down to see monthly amounts. I know I could create 5 separate input schedules, but they would like it all contained on one input schedule so they can easily see the yearly amounts side-by-side.

I have the time periods setup as follows: HLEVEL 1 is the yearly total (ie 2012.TOTAL, 2013.TOTAL, etc) and HLEVEL 2 is the month (ie 2012.JAN, 2012.FEB, etc).

Any help would be appreciate.

Thank you,


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Hi Trevor,

You can make use of the pipe sign while defining the memberset. In the time dimension expansion, under memberset, you will have to specify something like this -

BAS(2013.TOTAL)|2014.TOTAL|2015.TOTAL and likewise for the remaining years.

This would be a static expansion based on what values you have hardcoded in the memberset parameter. In case you want dynamic expansion, you can populate values in other unused excel cells from the CV, and refer to those cells in the memberset parameter.

This way, you can build the desired report.

Hope it helps!!