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BPC-10 NW - MS-Excel connections : Certificate problems

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Hi All,

We are trying to create a connection and we got an error message that it follows:

Framework message: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS

secure channel .

The Support SAP indicated a note "1664950 - Error in Excel add-in 10: Error while communicating with the server" as a solution.

This note points to a SCN documentation that it doesn't show how to achieve this in BW and our basis team is failing to configure the certificate .

Please, Could you could point me to a documentation( step-by-step or how-to-guide) that teaches us how to get set up the certificate ?

(additional information: EPM-Addin 10.0 - 5102 , BPC-10NW 801-sp3 , BW 7.31 sp8)



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Hello Jose,

Not sure if you have this figured out, but here are the steps to get you going.

Try following the guide here:

We just went through figuring out SSL ourselves and this guide proved very useful.

The main points you need:

1. You need to have a root CA.  This can be a local domain or a purchased one from VeriSign or Thawte if your users need external access.

2. Creating the SSL certificate requests outside of the SAPGUI allows for the flexibility of things like Subject Alternative Names (SAN) or using one certificate for the entire landscape.

3. As a tip, if you have a BusinessObjects environment, OpenSSL is already installed (at least in version 4.0) and you can create the certificate on that server.

4. You will need to have the Basis team set up the SAPCRYPTOLIB by following Note 1471126.

5. If your system is new enough, you can use transaction CERTRULE to create a rule for your specific needs, such as CN=*.  This allows all users to connect using SSL (if that is how your domain certificate works).  If your system does not have CERTRULE, you will need to maintain table USREXTID in using the view VUSEREXTID in SM30 manually, or you can run program RSUSREXT in SE38.  Offhand, I can't remember what release CERTRULE came in.  Mapping Users in Table USREXTID - User Authentication and Single Sign-On - SAP Library

The actual creation of the SSL certificate is about five commands.  It is getting it setup that is the difficult part.

Good luck,


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Hi Jose,

Please refer note 1664950 and see if it helps.



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Hi Kalyan,

Thanks for your answer, but the problem is that basis team doesn't have experience about Certificates(SSL). I just indicated this SAP note to basis team .