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BPC 10.1 Standard Dimension member descriptions update issue

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Hi All,

We are facing issue with member descriptions update from BW to BPC.

Triggered ‘Import Master Attribute data and Text Info object’ to load master data from BW to BPC, along with that used option to import hierarchy node descriptions as well.

All Attribute ID’s and Hierarchy node descriptions were loaded.

Issue: ID descriptions are not updated for ID’s which are not part of Hierarchy.

BPC 10.1 Standard on BW 7.5 SP3

In above BPC screenshot, only Dummy_10, 11, and 12 ID descriptions are updated, since they are part of BW Cost Center Hierarchy.

other DUMMY_1,  DUMMY_2.... DUMMY_9 ID's were loaded but descriptions are not updated.

Please check BW text master data

is anyone faced this issue ?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

Daya Sagar

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Former Member
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Hi Daya,

Can you show the set selections of the data manger package or transformation file?? Have you selected the text to be loaded? Short or Medium or Long?

Set filters by Attributes and Hierrachy option is "AND" or "OR"?



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Hi JP,

Thanks for reply.

we are using text medium text, we have medium text available at BW system.

Since I restricted with hierarchy selection, ID's description is not updated (which are not part of Hierarchy).

After removing Hierarchy restriction, issue got resolved.

Best Regards,

Daya Sagar

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