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Best practice data source from ECC 6.0 for legal consolidation in BPC NW7.5

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Hi there,

after scanning every message in this forum for "data source" I wonder if there isn't any standard approach from SAP to extract consolidation data from ECC 6.0. I have to say that my customer is not using New g/l so far and therefore the great guide "how to get balances from ECC 6.0 ..." does not fully work for us.

Coming from the old world of EC-CS there is the first option to go via the GLT3 table. This option requires clever customization and the need to keep both GLT0 and GLT3 in line. Who has experiences regarding maintenance of these tables in a production environment?

We therefore plan to use data source 0FI_GL_4 which contains all line items to the financial documents posted. Does this approach make sense or will it fail because of performance issues?

Any help is appreciated!

Kind regards,


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Hi Dierk,

I encountered the same situation as you (BPC NW 7.5 consolidation using old GL in ECC 6). Would like to ask your help the following points:

- Which DataSource did you eventually use?

- If you use 0FI_GL_4, how did you get opening balance?

- If you use 0FI_GL_4, how did you transform the data (summarize it, convert from periodic to YTD)?

Thanks alot Dierk.



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Hi Folks

I implemented old general ledger for consolidation with table GLT3 and I used data source 3FI_SL_09 for special ledgers, its because in this ledger is trading partner and cumalted ratio and carry forward.

I hope it helps

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Hi Lucio,

Everything went well with that solution? We're about of developing the same, understandig that in GLT3 its account balance total per period and the intercompany for the consolidation process in BPC 7.5

We have only 1 issue that we understand maybe critical, this client has massive line item data since 1997, how do you went through the initial set up? i know you can go an directly put the closing balance into the accounts, but still i'ts massive manual work to do...

Any comments will be great

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Hi Arie,

How were you able to solve your problem.

We are in same situation using 0FI_GL_4



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Hi Ethan,

thank you so much for your experiences. We finally planned to go for the detailed document items in data source 0FI_GL_4.

Data source 0FI_GL_6 is not complete as a data basis for legal consolidation as the main info objects 0_pcompany and the info object for the movement type are missing.

Historically all consolidation information are stored based on balances in GLT0 in table GLT3. Ledger 09 / table GLT3 always served as data basis for consolidations in SAP (EC-CS). So another option would be to define a structure to extrakt data from special ledger table GLT3 using transaction code BW01. Maybe someone can share his experience?

Anyway I feel it is strange that SAP does not describe a best practice for a data source using the old general ledger structures in ECC 6.0



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Hi Dierk,

Do you have a need for the level of detail provided by the 0FI_GL_4 extractor? Normally I would recommend going for the basic 0FI_GL_6 extractor, which provides a much more manageable data volume since it only gives the periodic activity and balances as well as a much smaller selection of characteristics. Link: []

Despite this initial recommendation, every client I've had has eventually had a need for the level of detail provided by the 0FI_GL_4 extractor (or the New G/L equivalent - 0FI_GL_14). Most BW systems can handle the output of the line-item extractors without much issue, but you should test using production data and make sure your system sizing takes into account the load.

The major problem you can run into with the line-item extractors is that if your delta somehow gets compromised it can take a very long time (days, sometimes weeks) to reinitialize and this can cause a large load in your ECC and BW system. Also, for the first transport to production, it is important to plan time to initialize the delta.