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BCM WORKFLOW APPROVAL - Minimum Amount for Payment Batch

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Hi Guys,

I’ve configured the “Define Approval Patterns” in BCM and the system is not respecting the Minimum Amount for Payment Batch. The system checks the payment document with the highest amount in the batch and decides whether it satisfies the minimum amount defined, but it is not respecting the field Minimum Amount for Payment Batch.


The proposal payment in F110 – Amount 20.00,00 (Total Batch) Document 1 – 12.000,00 Document 2 – 6.000,00 Document 3 – 2.000,00

The customizing Approval Patterns:

Min. Amount for Payment Min. Amount for Batch First setp 1 – 0,01 0,01Second Step 2 – 15.000,01 15.000,01Third Step 3 – 100.000,01 100.000,01

As the amount proposal payment is 20.000,00 the fisrt step and the second step have to approve the payment, but the system is considering only the highest document amount (12.000,00) then only the fiisrt step approve the payment. The system is not take in consideration the total amount of the payment proposal. The fisrt step only should approve the Min. Amount for Batch till 15.000,00 as my understanding.

Somenoe knows how can I fixed this issue?

Thanks and regards


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