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Bank key for International banks

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I understand we can use SWIFT or Routing numbers for bank keys. If I am opting to use Routing Number, what would the Bank Key configuration look like for non-North American banks that do not have a routing number?

My analysis so far has been as follows:

All banks should have a bank code (bank key in SAP ?)

Let’s take an example: westpac new zealand limited (SWIFT code is: WPACNZ2W)
As per New Zealand, bank account numbers in NZD follow a standardised format of 16 digits:

  • a prefix representing the bank and branch (six digits), otherwise known as the Bank code;
  • the body (seven digits); and
  • the suffix representing the product/account type (two or three digits).


So this means that there should be a six digit bank code for this bank and branch (similar to routing in NA).

For Westpac New Zealand: six digits start with 03 (Westpac) followed by four digits for branch


Let's take another example For ASB bank: first six digits of complete account number is the bank code. ASB should start with 12 or 24.


Am I in the right direction and should I ask the client to get this information from the business partner or should I be using some other identifier as Bank Key?

Thank you


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Product and Topic Expert



In general you find all information related to bank key in the following note:


Please let me know if there is still anything which you do not fully understand.



Edrilan Berisha

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Financials Development

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thank you, this note is helpful