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Automating MR21

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Hi All,

Is there any option to schedule MR21 as batch job ? In Fiori we have this app 'Upload Material Inventory price Update' which also has the excel template which is awesome. Unfortunately the update cannot be scheduled to run at a designated time. I also checked a app called 'Application Jobs', but I am not sure if the app has the appropriate template or not.

As of now I am going to create (quite reluctantly) a custom app using a Mat price update bapi, but pls do suggest what's the best/alternate way to schedule and update price of list of materials ?

Best regds


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I am assuming you also have access to SAP GUI (if this is correct) then, first create the Variant for the Program SAPRCKM_MR21 and save it. After that use sm36 to create the background job for the same Program SAPRCKM_MR21 and Variant. There are many threads on SM36 and SM37 you will find it easily.

Let me know if you have any questions.