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Automatically change the contract parameter date every year

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Hi experts,

The date parameter of the contract needs to be updated every year with same day and month but with current year running.

For example the effective date of the parameter is 3/1/2022 .Once the year is completed and the same date has reached the contract should be able to update dates automatically to 3/1/2023.

Can you please advise if this is possible .and if it is can you please guide through what should be done to achieve this

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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if this is a parameter, you can modify the date easily by using a maintain request.

If this is the effective date, you cannot modify the value as this is the starting date of contract cycle life and as the contract is alive. The only thing you can do is to close the curent contract item and create a new one with the expected effective date.

I'm not sure to see the business requirement behind this question. Is it in order to generate fee at the new effecitve date ?

Best regards,

Eric Fremont

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Hi Eric,

Thanks for noticing . The actual business requirement is to create 13 period billing cycle for recurring charge where 12 cycles should trigger at every 28 days and last 13th cycle should trigger at 29th or 30th day depending leap or non leap year conditions.The requirement is every 13 cycles should be a proper year .so that when next year start the 14th trigger or the 14 cycle from the effective should be 28 days .I have already raised a question which is related to same requirement which has gone unnoticed.

So I'm wondering if there is any possibility to change contract parameter dates or the effective date automatically .Just thinking of every way to make this possible .

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