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Automate Firefighter owners and controller review

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Hi Everyone,

I am not sure if this issue was raised by somebody before . We have a SOX activity every year where we have to review all the firefighter ids owners and controller if they are correct or need some change. For this we reach out all the owners and controller manually and get their suggestion and then we make the changes in the system.

Above mentioned activity is completely manual and take lot of efforts to complete the activity . I would like to know if somebody has automated this process I am pretty sure some of the Org are doing similar kind of review .

I have tries to check SAP_GRAC_FFID_REVIEW however that process id is just for the Firefighter assignment review and my requirement is to review the owner and controllers.

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Our situation is similar, We are required to have the FF ID Owners perform a review of the FF ID User assignments to see if they are still necessary,twice a year.  Right now we are not required to review the roles assignments on the FF IDs (External Auditor isn't requiring that...yet).  We perform this review manually, which is a pain in the rump, and have missed some of the responses, which has required us to perform the review all over again, because the review was considered deficient, per External Auditor.  We would like to figure out a way to perform this review automated.  Has anyone done anything similar?