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Assign master data via conversion file under a specified hierarchy during import

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Dear experts,

I wonder that if there is a way to assign master data's dimension member under a specified hierarchy during master data import from BW.

For example I have the entity dimension and dimension members as "A","B" and "C".

"A" is the parent company of "B" and "C".

I would like to build up an  automated way of assigning incoming entity members like "D" and "F" during importation from BW as the children of company "A".

At the end, I should see in BPC entity dimension that "A" is parent of "B","C","D" and "F".

After some research, I've read from several sources that you can use java script on conversion files. In my case, what should I write down in the internal column of conversion file to satisfy these assignments. Apart from this, any suggestions would be appreciated,


Mahir Parlakay

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Hi Mahir, your requirements are too complex  for a simple conversion file (and you can't directly assign PARENTH1 values in your master data transformation, any way).

So in this case the only way to achieve this is to use start/end routine BADI.

But it's still not clear which attribute/parameter will tell the system that "D" and "F" are the children of "A"? Do you want to hardcode it?

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Hi Vadim,

Thanks for answering,

There is no need for a parameter which decides that if "D" will be a children while "F" is not. In our case, any new incomers shall be assign under "A"'s hierarchy. In the attached document named as "example" it has defined to assign values according to a criteria I guess.

But I wonder is there not any way to define "A,B,C" statically in these rows and tell the conversion file that any ID's rather than "A,B,C" shall be taking "A" value as their hierarchy column. If there is not, solution over ABAP will cover us I guess which is not my first preference.


Mahir Parlakay,