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Approval workflow for real estate contract(RECN)


Dear experts,

I need your help on how to handle the system status of a real estate contract in an approval workflow.

My requirement is as follows :

  • I should implement an approval workflow for 'real estate contract' which is created using RECN tcode.
  • In my contract there are no need of funds management , earmarked funds . Hence they are not activated in the configuration. Due to lack of these 2 values I cannot use the standard workflow template 'WS1790004'. Hence I have created a custom workflow template with start event 'ApprovalRequested'(BUS1505).
  • Additionally I have explicitly called this event 'ApprovalRequested'(BUS1505)', with the help of an enhancement implementation in the interface method : IF_EX_RECN_CONTRACT~AFTER_STORE of the BADI definition : BADI_RECN_CONTRACT.
  • I had to do the above step because the workflow has not triggered even after maintaining the event linkage in SWE2(object type : BUS1505, event : ApprovalRequested, receiver type : <custom workflow template> ) and change records in SWEC ( RECN_REGC , BUS1505 , CREATED & APPROVALREQUESTED)
  • Also as mentioned in the 'Activities' section of the following SAP link I cannot see the options : ‘approval tab’ , Request Approval for Contractin RECN tcode during contract creation.
  • Approval Workflow for Real Estate Contract - SAP Documentation (

Now the issue which I am facing is that the system status in not kept on hold (in review) when I click on 'activate' button in the RECN contract. It is immediately changing to released (CRTE REL) along with triggering the workflow for approval.

  • the status should get released (CRTE REL) only when a user chooses to 'approve' in the workflow
  • the status should stay the same : either in review or saved state ( CRTE AALK ) if the user chooses 'reject' in the workflow
  1. If the above 2 settings are enabled , will the ‘Approval requested event of BUS1505 gets triggered and take care of the above mentioned standard workflow activities ?
  2. Is there a standard workflow template available for activating the approval process of a RE-FX contract , which doesn’t require funds management, earmarked funds ?

Your suggestions will be highly appreciated !

Thank you !


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Hi Abfg, 

Did you get any comments or advice from SAP regarding this issue? We are also experiencing this problem/use-case. 

Kind regards, 

Yannick Meertens