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Applying complex logic while loading transactional data from SAP BW

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currently our approach to more complex logic while loading transactionals from SAP BW, is applying this logic in a transformation in SAP BW - hence pre-transforming the data in a BPC format in BW.

What are now the possibilities to apply more complex logic while loading transactionals from BW with a package (in version 10) - so we don't need to pretransform the data ? Is it workeable with BADI's ?  Script logic can only be applied on data already in the BPC models, so that might not be workeable.

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Answers (3)

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Its good to handle the complex logic in BW itself import to BPC then it make your life easy while reconciling and root cause analysis. As others said always you can use Start/End BADI.

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Hi Wouter

yes, if data load is complex. its good to fix everything in BW and call it in BPC.

You can use function that Kalyan mentioned in his thread to call your BADI.



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Hi Wouter,

During data upload, it is possible to run a start or end routine that refers to the filter value of a BAdI.

In the transformation file you will need to include it in the *OPTION section

For e.g.,



Please refer this link

Hope this helps.