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Allocation question

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Allocation experts,

I have couple of driver accounts and each of them drive a set of target accounts.

Client want the capability to override the distributions for one offs meaning instead of 10% he want to adjust it to 25% and reduce for others.

This makes the straight allocation based on driver accounts irrelevant. I think i have to take multi step approach where I calculate the distribution percentages and store them against each target account. Allow client to adjust percentages for whichever account they want and store them as adjusted percentages.

Run allocation now for each target based on the adjusted percentages.

My question is, is there a way in which i can tell the allocation engine, take distribution percentages from reference list only if there is no value in the manual percentage (which i plan to store in a different data source member)



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solution 1 : you can copy the reference list to manual percentages using copy package or another logic ,and ask user to modify manual adujistments and always consider manual adjustments for allocation .

solution 2 : create set of accounts and maintain these set of accounts as required. Ie if manual percentage is zero then take value from reference list . For this you might need to create separaate logic file. or maintain a hidden sheet in the template which you are providing user to enter manual percentages . In the hidden sheet you have to incorparate logic using excelAnd then use these set of accounts in allocation .

In both cases you need to do data preparation for driver accounts before using those in allocation.