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Account determination: House bank or house bank account was not entered TBB1

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I have created a deal where in i have created inflow payment details under payment details tab of a deal with respective house bank and bank account ID.

In account determination settings i have masked bank clearing account (account symbol 3) with "+" and prefixing with GL a/c number 9.

now when i ran TBB1 i got error saying "Account determination: House bank or house bank account was not entered"

Can you please tell me what are the pre-requisite for TBB1 to pick the correct bank incoming clearing account based on accnt determination mask for bank clearing.

Please explain the step by step process for mapping the GL account.

Many thanks,


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Did you assign the house bank to financial instrument in the BP role TR0151 (Counterparty) at company code level?

  1. Enter transaction BP
  2. Select role TR0151
  3. Click on company code button
  4. Select company code
  5. Enter payment details for the different currencies

  6. Select each row individually and click on button for assigning house banks to financial instruments

  7. Save changes

Best regards,
Jonathan Eemans