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AC12-EAM log review workflow is getting error "Read stage confg for given path"

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Dear Experts

I was recently working on a GRC 12 implementation for my client.

For EAM, we're using the de-centralized FF flow. I setup a FFID with notification type as "Workflow".

The login notification can be found at SOST, but after running "GRAC_SPM_LOG_SYNC_UPDATE"

There was no email generated from GRC box, then in SWI1, I saw the workflow is getting error at "Read stage confg for given path"

By checking the workflow log, I got following error details. Seems the method 'CL_GRAC_SPM_AUDIT_REVIEW' is not available.

I've been working on identify this issue for almost 3 days, following steps were already performed :

1. Double check the post-installations steps, especially for the steps in OOCU, SWE3, PFTC and SWDD....

2. Authority check for WF-BATCH and RFC connection check. (SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW granted to WF-BATCH)

3. Re-activated BC set : GRC_MSMP_CONFIGURATION so that the newly generated version of "SAP_GRAC_FIREFIGHT_LOG_REPORT" is clean.

However, there is nothing changed after above investigation. I'm not a new GRC consultant but I believe that I still need to learn a lot.

Highly appreciated if someone can provide any comment to this issue.

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