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2020.TOTAL Shows No Data in BPC report

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Hello All,

Could you please provide some insights on the below issue.

BPC Version - 10.1
BPC Cons Model - Costcenter IFRS


I had created a simple report with Accounts in Rows, Category and Time dimension in Columns.

I am unable to view the 2020.TOTAL even though the related members have got values for the the periods 1,2 & 3 for the category ACTUAL. The CC model has got data for the same selections.


I am able to see values for 2020.TOTAL for BUDGET without any issues.

I am able to see values for 2019.TOTAL for both ACTUAL and BUDGET without any issues.

From one of the SCN thread, I found the below fix and tried.

The value became visible under 2020.TOTAL when I enable the the option “calculate Parents in hierarchies” under sheet options and expand 2020.TOTAL. This value goes off when I shrink it back. (not shown in screenshot). This does not seem to be a solution instead a workaround.


1. Why am I unable to see the 2020.TOTAL cell populated with the lower member values?

2. Why should I enable the option calculate Parents in hierarchies, to see the value populated under 2020.TOTAL alone?

3. Why am I experiencing this only in Costcenter Model and that too only for 2020.TOTAL Actual?

Things I had checked already:

1. The account used above is not a balance sheet account with LEQ / AST type account.

2. The master data TIME dimension and Category dimension does not seem to be an issue as we are able to see data for ACTUAL under 2020.TOTAL in MGMT_IFRS model.

3. No issues with the way how Time Hierarchy has been defined as well.

4. Ensured that the requests in the cube are compressed without any issues.

5. Tried switching the axis but no luck.

6. Looked for any extra spaces in the Master Data but none found.

Please let me know your thoughts on what could possibly causing this issue.


Vinoth V

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"I also noticed that at the backend the April month's data was getting, carry forwarded until December"

There is no automatic carry forward in BPC. It has to be configured!

For the rest I have to repeat AGAIN and AGAIN:

YTD Year TOTAL= YTD December value!

Data in Jan, Feb is not related to YEAR TOTAL, only December!!!

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Thank You Vadim.