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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
With the release of SAP Global Trade Services, edition for SAP HANA 2023, we will see several innovations that provide additional business value.

Overview Innovations

Co-Deployment with SAP S/4HANA 2022

Co-deployment is an option to install SAP GTS on the same system instance as SAP S/4HANA, however, in a separate client. This was not possible with the 2020 release of SAP GTS, edition for SAP HANA.

Co-deployment will lower the TCO and entry-level investments through the possibility to share infrastructure between SAP S/4HANA and SAP GTS, edition for SAP HANA 2023.

Pro and Con Matrix


Support U.S. Partner Government Agency Import Filing

A new configurable and more future-proof solution for PGAs is available with SAP GTS, edition for SAP HANA 2023 making it easier to comply with the increasing requirements of the PGAs.

A PGA (Partner Government Agency) is a government agency that works alongside the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that regulate commodities exported or imported into the U.S. 

Some PGAs include: 

Products regulated by PGAs often require permits or other additional documentation, so many PGAs have their own import guides

If a PGA refuses an import shipment, CBP will consequently not allow the goods to enter U.S. commerce. 

Management of Preference Data for Product Identifiers

You can increase the eligibility rate for preferential origin with the new functionality Management of Preference Data for Product Identifiers. With this new feature, you use preference calculation to determine the preference eligibility of identity-based goods produced via process or production orders. As a result, different batches of the same product can hold different preferential eligibility, reducing the need to assume "worst case" during preference determination. Similar functionality was available in SAP GTS 11.0 through an add-on named IBPP (Identity-Based Preference Processing). It is now embedded in SAP GTS, edition for SAP HANA 2023, and available for all.

Preference Processing Identity Level


Exchange of Intercompany Long-term Supplier Declarations

The introduction of the exchange of Intercompany LTSDs, SP GTS, edition for SAP HANA 2023 massively reduces the effort required to require and maintain Long-term supplier declarations for intercompany stock transfers.

Exchange of LTSDs in Intercompany Stock Transfers


Expanding Localization Footprint to Brazil

With SAP GTS, edition for SAP HANA 2023, you can use Brazilian import and export processes for foreign trade. Export is supported for SAP S/4HANA public and private edition. Import is supported for SAP S/4HANA Public edition only.

Functional Enhancements

Based on feedback from early adopters and users of the SAP GTS, edition for SAP HANAN 2020, several enhancements have been made to enhance and simplify the user experience.

Example: Enhancements in Manage Blocked Documents app


Other innovations

In addition to the innovations mentioned above, SAP GTS, edition for SAP HANA 2023 also comes with;

Improved Analytics Capabilities

  • New BW4HANA content available (leveraging CDS-Views)

  • SAP Analytics Cloud Enablement

Expanding Localization Footprint - Intrastat

With the new release, SAP GTS provides complete Member State coverage through the addition of support for Malta.