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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi Everyone.

SAP Profitability and Performance Management 3.0 is gearing up to unveil Support Package 23 (SP23) during the third week of September.

In this blog post, I'm thrilled to take you on an in-depth journey through the upcoming SAP PaPM SP23, highlighting features and enhancements that redefines how businesses harness the power of this innovative solution.

So, fasten your seatbelts as we explore the dynamic world of SAP PaPM, uncovering the transformative capabilities that SP23 brings to the table.

Sample Content

The sample content documents offer insights and recommended approaches for structuring the system in relation to subjects and sectors.

Below is a list of new, independent sample content environments now accessible in SAP Profitability and Performance Management 3.0 SP23:

Sample Content ID Version

Asset Sustainability Management

ESRS Disclosures Management SXQ 1

Updated versions of the following standalone sample content environments are also available:

 Sample Content  ID  Version
Corporate Sustainability Management SXD 6
OECD BEPS 2.0 Tax Calculation and Reporting SXE 6
OECD BEPS 2.0 Tax Calculation and Reporting Powered by SAP Group Reporting SXE GR02
Operational Transfer Pricing SXG 18
Climate Risk Scenario Analysis SXK 2
Carbon Pricing Management SXZ 2
Professional Services Transfer Pricing SSC 2

Visual Modeler

The Visual Modeler has seen enhancements in user experience for various features, including the Environment screen, Modeling Environment screen, Process Management screen, Visualize screen, and Report Management screen. You can find more details about these improvements in SAP Note 3358496 - LOD-PER Rel. 3.0 SP23: Visual Modeler Screens Enhancements and Fixes (1).

Now let us go through the features, enhancements and improvements covered by the SAP Note.

Modeling Environment Screen

  • Before SP23, when the user left the message log expanded and then accessed a different application, the message log section of the accessed application remained expanded. This caused the wrong notion that a message must be displayed on the section. With SP23, an enhancement was made so that the message logs section remains collapsed when the user accesses a new or different application.

  • Before the enhancement, the Hamburger menu was shown when you chose it to be shown, and remained expanded when choosing the icon again. With the enhancement, the Hamburger menu now opens and closes when the icon is chosen.

  • The Turkish and Korean language has been added to the list of the supported languages on all application screens.

  • Hovering over the Go To button now shows a tooltip.

  • The copying and pasting capabilities of the system have been enhanced so that you can now copy and paste multiple objects in the Modeling screen. Also, the system now has the capability to  include all activities when copying.

  • Previously, when adding fields to a newly created environment, you may have encountered an error message that reads „Field does not exist in environment“. This has been addressed and you can now proceed with modeling with no issues.

  • The Process Template has been enhanced so that when you create one that does not have activities, such as input/output, executable function or URL, an error message appears. Moreover, if the Process Template contains only activity nodes, the system will not allow that it be set to “Active Template”.

  • Previously, when inserting or deleting a row on the Data Editor screen, the system always inserted or deleted the first row. This has been enhanced so that the system now inserts or deletes rows where you select it.

  • Deleting master data using the Delete icon was not possible. Instead, right click was needed to remove data. This has been corrected and now the Delete icon can be used to delete master data.

  • Maintaining dates can now be done properly. Previously, we an abnormal behavior with the cursor where upon click on the middle part of the date, the cursor was automatically transferred to the end of the date. As of SP23, we can navigate through dates to edit them properly.

  • Before SP23, when you entered data on the Data Editor screen with its screen maximized, the data went missing when you minimized the screen. This has been addressed and now the data is reflected on the table when minimized.

  • From the previous release, when configuring the rules of a Workbook Calculation function, the assigned fields did not get synced when choosing the Configure Workbook   This has been fixed now. The system now synchronizes the fields automatically.

  • Previously, the Save button was always enabled even though there were no changes made to the environment. This has been enhanced so that the Save button stays disabled whenever no changes were introduced to the environment.

  • A Characteristic field with data type „Character“ now bears a consistent data length of 23 characters.

Process Management

  • When you create a Process Instance, the system uses your configuration from your Process Template. However, the process type of a Process Instance was previously set to value „Default (Run)“ which was not correct as your process type should bear the same configuration as your Process Instance. With this release, the process type of a Process Instance now bears the same configuration as your Process Template.

  • On the Process Instance screen, the cursor lost focus or sometimes disappeared when trying to click the date to adjust it. This has been fixed so that the position of the cursor stays to where you expected it to be.

  • The dates defined from Process Template in modeling screen has been enhanced so that the the activity bar of the Gannt chart showed the same date duration as the Process Instance.  Gannt chart now reflects the dates configured from the Process Template.


Visualize Screen / Report Management Screen

  • Previously, on Report Management screen, creating a table and enhancing the properties of a cell, its formatting was reset when the whole table was selected. This has been fixed so that now the format of the cells stays at what you have configured.

  • On the Report Management screen, the Enabled, Disabled and All buttons under the Process Parameters and Process Selections sections were removed since the buttons were redundant.

  • The Sankey chart has empty spaces on the left side, producing an unpleasant presentation of the chart. The chart has now been fixed so that the empty spaces were removed.

  • On the Visualize screen, if you assigned a different font, the system adapted the new font but its name stayed at “SAP Standard”. This has been fixed so that the correct font name now reflects on the properties panel.

I appreciate your time spent reading this blog post! Stay tuned for upcoming improvements in our future releases.

If you have any inquiries related to this topic within the SAP Community, you can find answers in the Q&A section using the provided tag Link.